When using software to input data, you should have the ability to also retrieve that data whenever you need to.  Unfortunately when using outside vendors that is not always the case, or it comes with a cost. Our vision as a company states that we are the “technology solution for transparency and insight into obligations between individuals and organizations” that is our commitment to providing you with solutions that truly help your business. Serving clients in the affordable housing financial and real estate industries, we know that full access to your data is not an option, it is a requirement. We believe your data should be your data, and we work together with our clients as if we were an extension of their internal IT staff; as a partner rather than a vendor.

With ProLink, there are several different ways for our clients to obtain access to their data so it’s always at their fingertips.  One of our newest features is our nightly data backups provided to our clients, so you know that your data is always up to date and easily accessed. We also offer our clients the ability to export their data into excel spreadsheets so they can easily use the data however they need to.  Lastly, we work with our clients to create an additional custom APIs to link their data from our applications into others they may use so they can truly utilize their data in the most capacity.

“By providing our clients with full access to their data, it has allowed them to utilize data for other applications without re-entry, saving them hundreds of hours.” – Shawn McKenna, CEO and President at ProLink Solutions

How much time and money could be saved if you were inherently able to obtain access to your data? If this is something that hits home to you, we should talk!  We would love to start a discussion on your software and business challenges to hopefully help you come to a solution to make your organization more successful – emails us at hi@prolinksolutions.com, or give us a call at 877-237-3163.