Workflow Management for Housing Finance Agencies

Let’s admit it; work can be stressful with the countless number of tasks piling up every day. For state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) who have the mission to meet affordable housing needs of residents in their states, managing large portfolios of affordable housing assets with multiple funding programs can be overwhelming.

In today’s virtual workplaces, many cloud-based workflow solutions can help organizations increase productivity by automating many routine tasks. ProLinkHFA, ProLink Solutions’ enterprise platform that serves HFAs, has the workflow functionality to help agencies with workflow management.

Let’s consider one routine asset management task, which is collecting audited financials from each property in the agency’s asset management portfolio. Without a workflow tool, the agency would have to gather up a contact person for each property, create a template email, send an email to each contact, make sure they follow up before the deadline, send another email if they don’t hear back, and so forth. You get the drift.

With ProLinkHFA, the agency stores all relevant data in a central database such as contact information, number of days after the period end, frequency of data collection, and so forth. With all data stored, the agency can set up logic using the workflow functionality that says something to the effect, “for all properties in my portfolio that have the annual audited financials box checked, send an email notification to a person who has the property manager role with a message providing the date when the financials are due.”

Once you have the logic stored, a certain action gets triggered when a condition is met. Then the system fires up notifications. That is the power of a workflow tool.

You can learn more about ProLinkHFA by clicking here.

ProLink+ Upgraded with a New Look and Enhanced Functionality

ProLink+, our software solution to assist states with their Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) deployment, has been upgraded with a new look and enhanced functionality. Our webinar series in April and May of this year, where we discussed HAF deployment challenges and our holistic approach, was attended by over 30 states altogether. We are excited to have practically half of the nation showing interest in ProLink+. In the upcoming June 16 webinar, we plan to reveal the new look and enhanced functionality, which will make HAF deployment even more efficient for states.

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New Look

The Homeowner Portal received a face lift! The navigation is more intuitive and the portal is now mobile friendly. The redesign helps the HAF roll-out in your state be more effective because homeowners will find it even easier and faster to submit applications and supporting documentation.

Enhanced Functionality

The new DocuSign feature supports digital signatures for the applicant’s Hardship Affidavit. The homeowner receives an email notification with a link; with just a click of a button, the homeowner can sign the Hardship Affidavit anywhere, anytime.

Join us for the live demo of these new features on June 16 at 1PM Eastern. Sign up today!



ProLink+ Webinar Series for Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Deployment

We are hosting a webinar series via Zoom on Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Deployment. So far, we have hosted two 30-minute webinars on the subject, both of which were a rousing success with great turnout. A total of 25 states have attended our webinars  thus far. We are excited to have practically half of the nation showing interest in ProLink+. We expect an even higher turnout for our main 90-minute webinar on May 26, when we plan to showcase a live demo of ProLink+.

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In case you missed either of the first two webinars, check out a recording of our the May 12 webinar below:

A Packaged Solution for Immediate HAF Deployment

ProLink has teamed up with E&A Team, Inc. to deliver a turnkey, package solution to states for the immediate deployment of the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) authorized under the American Rescue Plan Act. E&A Team has been trusted for more than 25 years to provide the highest quality compliance solutions and training for the multifamily housing industry, and we are excited to work with them.

What is the Homeowner Assistance Fund?

HAF refers to funds prioritized to homeowners under the American Rescue Plan Act. These funds are available to homeowners who have experienced the greatest financial hardships. You can read more about the HAF and American Rescue Plan Act here.

Where Does ProLink+ Fit In?

ProLink+ is a proven technology that serves states for the Hardest Hit Fund program. We are upgrading the technology to meet the needs of today’s Homeowner Assistance Fund. ProLink+ comes to the rescue and provides U.S. states with the cloud-based software they need to manage emergency fund deployment effectively and efficiently.