Workflow Management for Housing Finance Agencies

Let’s admit it; work can be stressful with the countless number of tasks piling up every day. For state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) who have the mission to meet affordable housing needs of residents in their states, managing large portfolios of affordable housing assets with multiple funding programs can be overwhelming.

In today’s virtual workplaces, many cloud-based workflow solutions can help organizations increase productivity by automating many routine tasks. ProLinkHFA, ProLink Solutions’ enterprise platform that serves HFAs, has the workflow functionality to help agencies with workflow management.

Let’s consider one routine asset management task, which is collecting audited financials from each property in the agency’s asset management portfolio. Without a workflow tool, the agency would have to gather up a contact person for each property, create a template email, send an email to each contact, make sure they follow up before the deadline, send another email if they don’t hear back, and so forth. You get the drift.

With ProLinkHFA, the agency stores all relevant data in a central database such as contact information, number of days after the period end, frequency of data collection, and so forth. With all data stored, the agency can set up logic using the workflow functionality that says something to the effect, “for all properties in my portfolio that have the annual audited financials box checked, send an email notification to a person who has the property manager role with a message providing the date when the financials are due.”

Once you have the logic stored, a certain action gets triggered when a condition is met. Then the system fires up notifications. That is the power of a workflow tool.

You can learn more about ProLinkHFA by clicking here.

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